Task manager shows very low usage of gpu

When I look at task manager while I am chopping it shows the miner is using less then 1% of my gpu, it used to be around 90%. I’m not sure what happened, is this because task manager just stopped showing the true percentage? Or could it be because I switched off my antivirus and now am able to use a different miner than before?

Task manager sometimes gets things a bit wrong, as it is not primarily built for monitoring hardware.
A reason why task manager may not be accuratley reading the gpu usage could be because your GPU is working too hard, and doesn’t have enough leftover resources to send info to the task manager, although I could be wrong so don’t take my word for it.
There are some great apps avaliabe that can reliably tell you information about how your GPU is performing, like MSI Afterburner or AMD Radeon Software (AMD only)

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