The ability to change your name

Feature request

What want salad to include in the next update

I would like to have the ability to set your own username in salad.

Why you it to be added in salad?

I been noticed that you can find out someone email so easily by knowing the name that showed on salad, just add or and volia you found that user email
[email protected] (not real email), Easy as that.


If you add the ability to change your name, people wouldn’t be able to spam that username with bobux gift card, send out free nitro generator scam, etc.

The end

Thank for coming to my TotallyNotBadEnglishTedTalk
I swear my English score at 420 out of 69


Your english was indeed spot on, however your request isn’t really valid!

It’s actually already possible to change your username, and has been for quite a while!

If you want to change it, please go over to the profile section in your account, and you’ll be able to set a custom username!

Have a good day!

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