The Salad Season 2 multi-PC

So can i use multi-PC for more season XP in season 2? i got 2PC and 1 laptop
Just want to ask all of them use CPU to mine and i get 10 cent each 3 hours, can i get more season XP to speed up the time?

Unlike regular xp you can only get season xp 1 per minute.

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i want the merch so bad, also salad change the XP to get lvl 20 to 111k XP, how the heck can we get it without 24/7 mining lol

Iā€™m pretty sure they are giving us more time for this season
So to hit level 20 this season will require roughly 72.3% uptime, whereas season 1 required roughly 86.5% uptime to hit level 20

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