There should be valorant things with coins and stuff

I would like to have valorant coins to buy skins on here but not there and like giftcards

Ayyo, brofreerobux! An alternative to waiting for Valorant cards on Salad is by getting Amazon gift cards and buying them on Amazon. The delivery time is instant so you’ll be able to redeem your points right away! I have included the link to the gift card below :arrow_down:

Valorant Gift Card Link:

Hope this helps,

im gonna get scammed

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Well it’s on Amazon so I don’t see how they would scam you. That’s how I purchased mine and it worked flawlessly!

nice how much do u have

but i feel like it would be better because when i buy visa cards it has taxes or something like and it isnt with the nitro so idkk there shouldd be like 15 dollar and 20 dollar gift card or something sorry if my grammar is bad or my typing is messy( of valorant)

I don’t think digital gift cards have tax. At least mine didn’t have any as far as I remember.

That’s United States only

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wait only in united states have tax?

no I think they meant that online gift cards don’t have tax in the US but in other places, they do.

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