Transfer Balance Between Accounts/Payments

I created a simple concept for the page. Just something simple that allows you to send money to a user.

This makes the referral code system abusable, and could lead to various other issues…
(users sending balance to the wrong person - I know, not intelligent, but it will happen and they will complain.)

Not off the board yet, but there are hurdles in the way.

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Yea I thought about that when writing this, to avoid abusing the referral code you could set a minimum transfer maybe of $5 or something.

My idea for this was that you could unlock the ability to send money to others for $3 to combat the potential for abusing referral codes ($3 is total gained from referrals for both people), or there could just be some fee set to a % that still combats referral code abuse

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Or if you have a sus account (as salad has sus & non sus accounts) you could send money to others

referral abuse, scammers, people will do ton of mistakes.
yeah, not the best idea for now.

yeah. Its probably a better idea to discuss in the future when the app is not in “Alpha”

Okay okay, I know that this has been recommended before and the reason it wasn’t added was because it would be way too easy to exploit.
However, we have XP rewards now.
Maybe make it so you can’t send balance to others until you reach a certain level. Perhaps even make a minimum amount to be sent. Just think it’d be cool. Anyways cya

also please one of the forum mods change my username on this to just Fvn please i hate the 556

id say it could be unlocked for something in the pantry thats high in xp like jelly so that it gets less miss used and salad can have a better control over it