Transfer balance from your Salad wallet to your PayPal wallet

My idea is to add the ability to directly transfer your salad earnings to your PayPal wallet maybe with a small fee to make it profitable for salad?

The only thing stepping in between this from happening is age. While our required age is 13+, PayPal’s is 18+. However, there are ways to get your salad balance into your PayPal. You can create an invoice and pay using a Visa bought from the Salad Storefront. Hope this helps!

P.S. (nevertheless, this could happen in the future)


You should ask for people age when creating an account and then allow people over 18 to see the paypal option


Good Evenin’, impactorcool! A lot of people would just lie and check the box and be like “yeah, I’m 18!” And I also do believe that PayPal requires some sort of ID verification, so Salad would probably have to do something like that as well. Although, this could certainly happen in the future so keep your eyes peeled! :grin:

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I got another idea! You could use google pay instead of PayPal, Google pay only has a 13+ age limit. Or maybe a direct bank transfer, just some way to turn salad earnings in to cash more simply


Yeah! That could work for sure! Try making a new post so more people see it. I’d actually love a direct deposit option straight to your bank account! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Direct bank transfer - Feature Requests - Salad Forum


I think PayPal doesn’t accept prepaid credit cards

if you check the 18+ box its your problem and about the id in paypal you can literally put some random numbers and it’ll work so yea

it does accept prepaid cards

Yeah I agree, its one of the if not the biggest problem in the salad shop. If the devs add it as a function it will make salad a one of the best if not the best miners.

yea this method doesnt work in india we need to provide proof of business before sending an invoice

No, it don’t, it just says the card was declined while it works almost everywhere else

Well, that’s what you call :sparkles: illegal :sparkles:

It depends on what region you are using it in but I’m from the US and it works fine for me!

Hi, i would love if you will add Paypal as an Outcash option.

So people just enter their Paypal E-Mail and the Cash of the Salad Accout would be sent to their Paypal Account.

The only reason salad wont add this is because they make more money out of other cashout options. I’m switching to ethminer so I can get real money

option to transfer money from salad to paypal

KYC Requirements are needed and there will be fees. And a lot of them