Transfering money between accounts

My idea is to be able to transfer money between salad accounts. I would like this feature, because me and my friend want to play Risk of rain 2. Currently, I do not have enough money to buy the game, but he could give me the 2$ I need to buy the game. You can add requirements, to use this feature, like using salad to mine for 10 hours or maybe even put a cooldown on transferring money. This way people couldn’t abuse this feature somehow.

This Idea been asked before multiple times and sure this idea is great don’t get me wrong, but when salad gives users things like 2x earnings or rewards on the xp season let’s say it will bring more harm and fraud than anything good to the user base and salad.
adding a cooldown or telling people to mine 10 hours on salad isn’t effective at all in this case because most of those frauds will be spending the 72 hours 2x bonuses on multiple cloud machines with multiple accounts and combine it all to one account.
people will always find ways to abuse a system the question is how far can they go with such system, and on a system like this we can see salad kindness getting used to fraud them and scam users.

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