Unable to mine on my GPU (GTX 1050 ti)

I recently downloaded Salad.io, my computer has AVG Antivirus but I turned it off because I was sure it won’t interfere with the mining. However, everytime I mine with my GPU, after like 9-15 minutes of prep time, it says it cannot mine. I sent a log file in the form of a support ticket but I haven’t gotten anything back yet and still waiting. Is there something wrong with anti-virus or is it my computer in general? (note: The computer also has a UHD 630 as GPU 0)

Try installing version 0.4.0 here: Release 0.4.0 · SaladTechnologies/salad-applications · GitHub

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I installed 0.4.0, it seems to be working with GPU mining now w/ AVG Antivirus turned off. I don’t know why it wasn’t working with the latest version.

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