Unable to start mining

Hello, in the past hour I’ve been attempting to start mining, yet been unable to succeed. My main issue probably is that the miner keeps switching, between versions and different miner software.

Just as a quick note, Salad is excluded in my antivirus, UAC should not be the problem as it’s disabled, and Salad only prompts me to switch to CPU mining instead of GPU, whereas the CPU method gets the same issue and prompts me to switch back to GPU.

Strangely enough, using a miner outside of Salad (e.g. XMRig) hasn’t brought any issues, although I still want to use Salad since it was working perfectly fine around a few months ago.
I haven’t made a support ticket so far as I hope that there would be a simple solution to this.



I haven’t actually seen this problem before, I’d say to just make a support ticket for now.

Hello there!

The same thing happened to me when I tried to CPU mine, but I haven’t seen that issue on my GPU, mabye try to update your drivers? They could possibly be outdated, and salad is having some trouble getting them to mine. I’m not very sure, but mabye that’s the issue?

i have the same problem

Hello! Make sure your Antivirus is not blocking Salad and you have enough available VRAM (a little bit over 2GB) for GPU mining. You can use the tutorials here to whitelist Salad if you’re not sure how to: Anti-Virus – Salad Support