Update your anti-virus forums

Please update your anti-virus forum on how to whitelist salad.I saw 10 people talking about this, so please fix it!

Thanks for the feedback! Which “forum” are you referring to? Is this an issue with our guides on the support.salad.io website? If yes, which participate guides (there are many)?

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The following links are outdated:

If i found some other forums i will edit this messege

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The AV products change from time to time, and it’s a continual process of trying to stay on top of any updates. I’ve flagged this particular guide for review & update. Our support team will get on it as soon as possible.

I’m going to close this thread (in essence, mark it as being worked on)… I don’t want people to feel as though they need to “vote” on requests like these in order to see improvements from us. If you discover other items, feel free to open new threads!

Thanks for contributing!