Use different images/titles/descriptions for some rewards, as the things pulled from G2A look/sound quite trashy and illegitimate at times

E.g. the Amazon cards, I’ve never seen something as ugly/trashy as the image they have, whereas the cards pulled from(presumably) TangoCard have really dang nice images.
I’m fine with the keys getting pulled from G2A but don’t like the other stuff that gets pulled at times.
Another good example of this is quite a few of the games, there’s like a gazillion random images/screenshots of the individual game on its page and it just looks confusing and cluttered:

(it kind of seems like for some items, the images were actually pulled several times)

yes i agree, and there are also many typos in the descriptions of items as well ive noticed


I believe this should be changed for many of the more popular items first, especially some of the gift cards. I imagine it would be rather difficult to change the images and the descriptions for each obscure game as there are hundreds, possibly thousands, I’m not sure.

When adding items in the future the images/titles/descriptions could be changed to more accurately depict what the item actually is, it would be much easier than changing each and every game’s information that is already on the Salad store. That being said, I completely agree with your suggestion and I believe this is something that would greatly benefit everyone’s experience on Salad.


True, I want a change aswell

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tbh im the kinda person that would be fine spending my day fixing typos in the descriptions of games and finding pictures for them regardless of the games


Let’s dm a salad dev, and ask if we can get a job as “Game listing fixer” yes