Valorant gift cards

I have seen a couple of posts but they haven’t gained much traction, It would be great if salad added VALORANT gift cards preferably 5$, 10$, and 25$ which allow you to purchase Valorant points many people have requested this so lets see if we can do it!

buy a prepaid card then use it in valorant

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I’ve tried using a Visa prepaid card and it has never worked for me.

An common topic already said that there are no resellers that sell Valorant Points currently.

get $10 amazon gift card and buy off amazon

You cant if you live in any other country than the US for giftcards I tried already which kinda sucks

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Valorant Points or even gift cards that can be redeemed globally, because all of the current gift cards are only applicable in the US and in dollar currency. I live in Asia btw