Viewing progress away from miner

There should be a way to download a mobile app or login online to track mining progress and problems with the mining away from the miner


There’s already mobile apps made for you to track your balance as well as the earnings chart, so you can see if an error has occured.

Right now these apps are only on Google’s Play Store:

But, if you’re on iOS, you can login through and see the same things.

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Hello, thanks for replying but I have had a problem with the IOS version, it says that is only available for desktop. Is this a bug or is the app not available for iPhone?

Some pages of the app remain desktop-only, such as the store, referrals, and other pages.
However, using the navigation panel on the right, you should be able to select the “earn” > Summary page, which will work.

If you really want to view every page, there is a chance your browser is able to load the website as if it were a desktop site (or at least this is possible to do on chrome mobile.) which will allow you to do just about everything.

Have a nice day!

It worked and I can see my progress, thanks a lot and have a great day!