Visa Credit card

So i bought a digital visa card today and i wanted to buy spotify premium… the thing is i live in india and the card was issued from US. so i wanted to ask if there is actually any use of the digital visa card. and also how would i get spotify premium with salad if any way??

There is a workaround to use that VISA card. You can link your PayPal account (if you have one) to Streamlabs then donate using the VISA card. It would be converted to your respective currency and available to use from your PayPal.

Answering your second question, yes. There are quite a lot of uses for the digital VISA card.

Your third question, yes. There are Spotify gift cards in Salad. Here is a link to one: Salad - 10$ Spotify Gift Card.

Hope to see you around more frequently!

well so
i did try doing the paypal thing
but some issue with my account so
i couldnt get the money from the card to my account
and about spotify
its only for US and im from india
10 dollars in the US runs for a month
same amount runs for 6 months in india thats why im not eager to get premium from salad