Visa currecy in gbp and 0-$1000 visa gift card

I heard that uses tango card, tango card offers different currencies for visa gift card besides USD, I incredibly suggest for different currencies for the visa gift cards and master cards if possible, such as GBP & EUR. It is incredibly annoying having to buy something and then for it to only be lowered into another currency, especially since the visa gift cards don’t work for some websites making it harder to find a website for a game or having to spend some more money.

I have also heard that there is going to be an implementation for a custom amount that can be made for a visa gift card, I would love it if it could go up to the max value, being 1000 since that is the max which tango seems to offer or at least higher than 200, around the 500 range possibly, as someone who stacks up their money I would love for this feature rather than buying multiple $5 visa gift cards until I reached the total amount of money I have.