What items are currently available at the store

i was wondering what items are available at the store which will have an almost instant receival because last time i had to wait almost a month

We have recently updated our redemption system which will help send every reward almost immediately!

including discord nitro?

Nitro was already part of the instantaneous (or close to anyways) redeems.

The time to get a reward varies by the individual product. As a team, we’ve talked about possibly adding a note to clarify individual reward delivery times to the descriptions. Here’s a high-level summary of our fulfillment times:

  • Rewards that we buy or resell directly are fulfilled nearly instantly. This includes Discord Nitro & Nitro Classic, many gift cards, and a handful of games.
  • Rewards that are sent through open marketplaces may take 1-2 days to be fulfilled. This covers most games and some gift cards.
  • Rewards that are “manually” fulfilled may take 1-7 days. This includes many Minecraft related rewards and any physical product.

It’s our goal to get you your reward as quickly as possible. Sometimes there can be a backlog due to high volume of redemptions or vendor issues, though. In general, I would say that rewards may take up to a week to be processed and delivered.