When can we expect more Offerwalls (more then the current 2)


I wanted to ask if and when new Offerwall Providers get added as we only got 2 atm and not much variety.

AdGate got deleted, will it come back in future?

What about AyetStudios?

Thanks in regards

We don’t currently have a near-term plan to add any more offerwall providers. Is there an offerwall provider that you think would give more or better value than the ones that are currently available? The last time I personally surveyed the space, I didn’t feel like there was much variety across any of them.

wrt AdGate, we’re still looking into it. We’d love to bring them back, but they decided to end the partnership after raising concerns about fraud. It’s not clear that this is something we can address for them (it’s their website & their advertisements).


Thank you for the fast response!

AyetStudios had quiete interesting offers like adgem too, i would love to see them added to the offerwall list.

AdGate was great too so well i hope that this will come back in future

I think you should add a “View Ads OfferWall” like you see ads as a offerwall