Which miner is better for me? XMrig or Phoenix

i have got both the miners with varying earnings so the results have not been conclusive
i have seen that phoenix is “the best” salad has but i have had more earnings for XM at times and vice versa

i have Intel i5 8th Gen and 4GB vRAM of 1050ti (8 gigs of normal RAM)
oh, and! i have a laptop.

why am i assigned different miners under the same conditions?

Phoenix Miner is 100% better. XMRig is mainly for systems that are using their CPU to mine or their GPU has too little VRAM. A quick question; your salad switches between the two miners or is XMRig primary?

the dataset is too small, but 8/10 times salad chooses XMRig. whats weird is that i get the same earnings on both