Withdraw anytime, see hashrate on the salad ui, direct deposits to credit cards, paypal, banks, cashapp, etc

So first up, from my understanding every time you get a spike salad transfers the money to USD which conversions costs a fee that’s deducted from your actual earnings, so i think if you were able to withdraw anytime so you only have to pay a fee 1 time which is when you take it out would be so much better because it would increase earnings for everyone.

I also think if instead of converting it to USD we could have the option to instead take it out as Ethereum or something and store it in a wallet or an app like coin base.

I also think it’d be cool if we could see live updated hashrate in our salad ui so we don’t have to go to appdata all the time and it’ll be simple for staff not to have to explain it to every new user.

I likely understood your post wrong, but salad only charges you a fee on top of a product when you check out items, never while mining or converting to USD. So for example, a steam card worth 50$ would sell in the shop for, say, 60$. The only other fee is the mining pool fees which are unavoidable in the current configuration of salad.

TLDR: No amount is skimmed off your earnings except for mining pool fees

Being able to take out as ethereum/saving your cryptocurrency and selling at an optimal time would very likely not ever happen. From what I understand, that legally places Salad as having to be 18+, likely killing off a majority of their law-abiding users.

you can transfer money to your bank by a really easy method if you’ll use your brain for 2 min you might figure it out
(not in a bad way stop)

If you want to withdraw your mining salad is not for you.

Salad is for users that want to mine when they are afk and get some free money hardly nobody has a mining farm here.

Also mr.legality here: salad must change their tos to 18+ instead of 13+.