Xp boost For Salad Seasons

Just like Earning Boost There Should a Xp Boost
it’ll Be nice, Earning xp is Not that hard cause unlike earnings it dont depands on your cpu/gpu But Still Earning xp is kinda slow so a event for 2x xp boost of something would Be Nice or a certain Amount of xp to unlock 2x Xp boost!

this suggestion is likely to be denied
But the reason i want it Cause i cant mine while using my cpu when i mine with gpu my pc lags Very badly

The idea behind seasonal XP is that everyone earns at the same rate and it can’t be sped up. The bonuses you unlock are based on how much you use Salad during the season. An XP boost doesn’t really make sense in this context.

Thanks for bringing it up, but I’ll close this request to return your vote.

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